(MTCAT043) Muhmood - soБЫТИЕ

Muhmood - is a one man act and the stage name for music releases of Alexei Biryukoff - a Siberian artist, who makes conceptual projects that include large scale figurative paintngs, perfomances, installations and sound.
Muhmood's music is a mixture of all kinds of styles, starting from a capellas, going thru experimental dark ambient with an ethnic streak [mostly middle eastern] and creative percussion, ending with heavy guitar riffs and powerful drum sets.

EVENT is an art project that included paintings, sound and performance.
this project is dedicated to the tragic events in Beslan in 2004 the name of the project translates as EVENT but in Russian the prefix "so" suggests a play on the words "event", "being" and "co-existence". Iin this project i wanted to stir up some questions that have no answers
and make people notice similarities that unite us rather than look for differences that make us enemies.


1. Beslani (mp3)
2. Beslan Air (mp3)
3. Why (mp3)
4. Black September (mp3)
5. Opium Breath (mp3)
6. The Third Day's Tears (mp3)
7. Widow's Song (mp3)

art cover: front / back

Official Website

Download the whole album (ZIP)

This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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