(MTCAT041) Savium - Phlegm not Sentient

Savium is a self-indulgent instrumental one-man band who persistently and consciously performs speechless music.
Savium has no particular intention of making this project successful, the music is merely presented freely for the liberated minds that crave more than just one listen.


1. Into the light from Tyrone Ave. (mp3)
2. Pheromone Queen (mp3)
3. pensive (Consoling the Treacherous Whore) (mp3)
4. NLRMN (mp3)
5. Irreducibly Beyond Elucidation (mp3)
6. Sunward I've Climbed (mp3)
7. elephantine mastodont (mp3)
8. The Death of an Equestrian (mp3)
9. An offer for comfort (mp3)
10. Epitaph (mp3)

art cover: front / back

Download the whole album (ZIP)


This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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