(MTCAT040) Trocotombix

Amazing debut of this band with 10 explosive cuts experimental super fast grindcore recorded on studio on 2008. This release is available on CD including also 16 bonus tracks of their first demo that you can purchase through us sending us a message with our contact form.


01 niaqueks (mp3)
02 trocotombo (mp3)
03 gatomacho (mp3)
04 sacatuwix (mp3)
05 suspendido en el aire aprobado en el suelo (mp3)
06 mastropapo (mp3)
07 mongotronix (mp3)
08 waxmakawawa (mp3)
09 invalid_rakanorio (mp3)
10 sobedobe (mp3)
11 cacatorax (mp3)
12 skeuqain (mp3)

art cd cover: cover cd / book cd

Download the whole album (ZIP)


This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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