(MTCAT031) The Mitch Bukkake Last Tango (2006-2007)

The Mitch Bukkake Last Tango is a band formed by these 4 freaks from Valencia (Spain). Call it nervoso core, math metal, experimental grindcore... is the result of the hard work of this youngsters. Should we say The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge are a reference for them? Well you should judge it by yourself. The album is been recorded and produced by the band.
Unfortunately the band has disappeared recently but we can still enjoy this album as the best legacy of this amazing band. 11 tracks full of bizarre lyrics, velocity, schizophrenia and violence. Listen to this now!!!

01.Acid Blowjob (mp3)
02.Howling in the City of the Stone Giants (mp3)
03.Gojira's Death Trip (mp3)
04.When the Night Becomes Neon (mp3)
05.Radioactive Oldman (mp3)
06.Long Tongued Cheerleader's Revenge (mp3)
07.Dance, Songs and Paranoia (mp3)
08.Because I want it to Crash (mp3)
09.Autumnalis (mp3)
10.Farm School Holocaust (mp3)
11.The Attack of Mamba Wamba from Mars (mp3)

Download album (ZIP)

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