(MTCAT029) Nebur - Supertelesketch

Selected works by Al Da Tosta from the NeburĀ“s vault of lost recordings. An intriguing collection of punk, industrial, harsh, noise lo fi recordings never released till now. A must listen if you like ears bleeding.


01.Alpha (mp3) | 02.Beta (mp3) | 03.Gamma (mp3) |

04.Delta (mp3) | 05.Epsilon (mp3) | 06.Zeta (mp3) |

07.Eta(mp3) | 08.Theta (mp3) | 09.Iota (mp3) |

10.Kappa (mp3) | 11.Lambda (mp3)  | 12.Mu (mp3) |

13.Nu (mp3) | 14.Xi (mp3) | 15.Omicron (mp3) |

16.Pi (mp3) | 17.Rho (mp3) | 18.Sigma (mp3) |

19.Tau (mp3) | 20.Upsilon (mp3) | 21.Phi (mp3) |

22.Chi (mp3) | 23.Psi (mp3) | 24.Omega (mp3)

Download the whole album (ZIP)

This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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