(MTCAT028) Hybrid - Beyond Undeniable Entropy

Spanish death math metal core (whatever) with origins in other bands from spanish metal scene such as Wormed, AKOD, Human Mincer or One LastWord. Chaos, brutality and intensity in this first debut EP that will make your teeth grind with a huge diversity of styles (Messugah, Napalm Death, Breach, Accused) obtained from the different roots of band members.
The band has finished a new their long lenght CD titled "The 8th plague" and they are looking for a label. If you like this EP you should listen an advance song from the new album at their official myspace.


1. Ave Phoenix (mp3)
2. Sleep Of The Defeated (mp3)
3. Sun Burnt (mp3)
4. Insomnia (mp3)
5. Growing Misanthropy (mp3)
6. Throne Of The Necronaut (mp3)

Download the whole album (ZIP)

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