(MTCAT026) Monkey Hole - Psychophonies From A Violent Party

Psychophonies From a Violent Party is Monkey HoleĀ“s debut.
The band has been labelled as modern metal and comparisons can be made easily. But appearances are deceptive. Maybe after a while you will get confused, maybe you will think somethingĀ“s wrong with your ears and you are listening a different band or maybe you will think metal is not metal anymore.


1.- message to the crimson angel (mp3)
2.- nigthmare in the doll's house (mp3)
3.- graduation book (mp3)
4.- indigestion (mp3)
5.- rabbits dress up as children (mp3)
6.- S.O.S. (Save Our Shit) (mp3)
7.- fear and loathing in valencia (mp3)

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