(MTCAT020) That Crooner from Nowhere - This is vocaltronica!

Al Da Tosta´s new solo vocal project is inspired this time by beatboxing and looped electronic music. Over 50 minutes of looped vocals and fx.

1. Static void (mp3)
2. My eyes (mp3)
3. Fun Fat Fun (mp3)
4. Oddio Overplay (mp3)
5. Distorted elephant (mp3)
6. Donamiao_s funky Panda (mp3)
7. No time to die for (mp3)
8. Deadly Night Disco (mp3)
9. Turning Blue (mp3)
10. Deprived of oxygen (mp3)
11. Happiness in hell (mp3)
12. Temple of haunted gods (mp3)
13. Roy and Vlad (mp3)
14. Dubbio non superato (mp3)

Review by Free Albums Galore

Al Da Tosta aka That Crooner From Nowhere states that all sounds on This is Vocaltronica comes from his own voice. That may be only partially true as it is seems many of the odd and wonderful vocal sounds are electronically altered and looped.
Yet it is still a fairly amazing album that would make even Bobby McFerrin do a double take. The fourteen tracks on This is Vocaltronics makes almost an hour of listening time that moves from break beat to jazz/pop to even a near industrial send off.
This is more varied than his impressive but brief first effort. I prefer the funky numbers like “Donamiao’s Fun” and “Fun Fat Fun”. “Oddio Overplay” is also a favorite track as well as being one of my favorite web sites. The tune would feel right at home in a Fellini film. “No Time To Die For” and “Distorted Wave” has that industrial bent. Other tracks appear to be an attempt to elicit an aural landscape (”Temple of Haunted Gods” or “Dubbio non Superato”). The bottom line may be that Da Tosta has so many ideas it is hard for him to stay grounded in one area. That is to our benefit as we enjoy this fascinating collection of vocal madness.

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