(MTCAT016) Oriented Graduation Test: rumore automatico

Rumore automatico is the 2nd part of the noise works of Al Da Tosta this time without his partner Kippelboy. This is low pitched noise from planet Vulcan.
Press play if you think you can handle this. Dedicated to the noise Antena family and N0age.


1.Tentative (mp3)
2.Popping (mp3)
3.Pathfinder (mp3)
4.Enthrall (mp3)
5.Fasten (mp3)
6.Zipper (mp3)
7.Atheist (mp3)
8 .Moth-eaten (mp3)

Download all the tracks (ZIP)

This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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