(MTCAT019) Comfort Attack - Induction Loop Receiver

Once again, Al Da Tosta attacks your ears with this new electronic experience.
Comfort Attack is a personal revision of electronic music influenced by modern stuff where you can find low quality sounds, a big ineptitude for sampling and a strange inability to communicate with audiences. This music confirms the birth of a new generation of instant electronic pijama musicians who live in the Comfort planet.


01. on off (mp3)
02. Adjustable Timer (mp3)
03. Variable Resistor (mp3)
04. DC10V (mp3)
05. Electronic Stability (mp3)
06. leather works (mp3)
07. track cutter (mp3)
08. Phototransistor (mp3)
09. Reversing Switch (mp3)
10. Loudspeaker (mp3)
11. Oscilloscope (mp3)

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This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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