(MTCAT006) J6 - V6.3

"V6.3" can not be easily labelled into metal music. The band defined its music as metal hardcore industrial and its evolution can be appreciated record to record but this is like saying nothing. J6 is a band from Bcn (Spain)that really deserves recognition into hardcore metal scene of Barcelona.

The number of concerts and drugs taken by them is uncalculable and their shows were always incredible. They have shared stage with Afraid to Speak in Public and Prisma d´Horus among others.

This is a bit of history of a band and his components whose name is written with metal tipography.


01.TheTruthPreacher (mp3)
02.ChildrenOfChina (mp3)
03.CryToAStupidLover (mp3)
04.AmmoniaForOxigen (mp3)

Download all the tracks (ZIP)

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