(MTCAT004) Dj Da Tosta - It Could sound worst but never better

This is a little collection of songs by Dj Da Tosta that were saved from his last disaster occured when a virus almost destroyed his computer. It cost a lot of time and money to recover them but here we are, probably the EP more expensive of the history of electronic music with the worst sound.

Its music can just be labelled as senseless brainless music.


01 - Sonicnvogue (mp3)
02 - fuckambienthardcore (mp3)
03 - technogradehiatus (mp3)
04 - thelowestvintagequality (mp3)
05 - gigaporn (mp3)
06 - ciscoideoremix (mp3)
07 - thelittlestranger (mp3)

Download all the tracks (ZIP)

This work is under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works CC 3.0

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